11.21.17: w/ Dave Tamkin, Ryan Joseph Anderson, Jen Donahue, & Chris Weller @ Cafe Paradiso- Fairfield, IA

9.20.17: Dave Tamkin– Rockwod Music Hall Stage 3. New York, NY, USA.

11.12.16: DICKIE– The Yellow Barn. Ann Arbor, MI, USA. 

11.11.16: DICKIE– Anodyne. Milwaukee, WI, USA. 

11.5.16: DICKIE– G.A.R. Hall. Peninsula, OH, USA. 

10.8.16: DICKIE– Private House Concert. Westminster, CO, USA. 

10.7.16: DICKIE– The Walnut Room. Denver, CO, USA. 

9.23.16: DICKIE– Private House Concert. Des Moines, IA, USA. 

9.17.16: DICKIE– Private House Concert. Madison, WI, USA. 

9.16.16: DICKIE– The Life. Dubuque, IA, USA. 

9.9.16: DICKIE– Schubas Tavern. Chicago, IL, USA.

8.27.16: DICKIE– Private Event. Des Moines, IA, USA. 

8.26.16: DICKIE– Under The Radar Concert. Cedar Rapids, IA, USA. 

8.13.16: DICKIE– Two Brothers Roundhouse. Aurora, IL, USA. 

7.16.16: DICKIE– Camp Euforia. Lone Tree, IA, USA. 

7.8.16: DICKIE– Cafe Paradiso. Fairfield, IA, USA. 

6.10.16: DICKIE– Walnut Room. Denver, CO, USA. 

6.4.16: DICKIE– Ca d'Zan House Concerts. Cambridge, IL, USA. 

5.22.16: DICKIE– Lincoln Hall. Chicago, IL, USA. 

5.15.16: DICKIE– Mahoney's. Cedar Rapids, IA, USA. 

5.13.16: DICKIE– The Smokestack. Dubuque, IA, USA.

4.16.16: DICKIE– Sonic Bloom. Traverse City, MI, USA.

4.15.16: DICKIE– Trinity House Theatre. Livonia, MI, USA.

4.14.16: DICKIE– The Acorn Theatre. Three Oaks, MI, USA.

4.11.16: DICKIE– Daytrotter. Davenport, IA, USA.

4.7.16: DICKIE– Fitzgerald's Nightclub. Berwyn, IL, USA.

3.25.16: DICKIE– Anodyne. Milwaukee, WI, USA.

3.8.16: LIZ CHIDESTER- Martyr's. Chicago, IL, USA

3.5.16: DICKIE– The Smokestack. Dubuque, IA, USA. 

2.20.16: DICKIE– Lefty's Live Music. Des Moines, IA, USA. 

2.13.16: DICKIE– Vox Concert Series. Marshfield, WI USA. 

2.12.16: DICKIE– Mahoney's. Cedar Rapids, IA, USA. 

12.12.15: DICKIERiver’s Edge Gallery. Muscatine, IA, USA. RSVP

12.5.15: DICKIELefty’s Live Music. Des Moines, IA, USA. RSVP

12.4.15: DICKIECafe Paradiso. Farfield, IA, USA.

11.14.15: DICKIE– Private Event. Denver, CO, USA.

11.13.15: DICKIEJohnny’s Martini Bar w/ Kevin Mileski & Dave Tamkin. Boulder, CO, USA. RSVP

11.12.15: DICKIEThe Walnut Room w/ Kevin Mileski & Dave Tamkin. Denver, CO, USA. RSVP

10.24.15: DICKIELogan Street Sanctuary w/ Frances Luke Accord. South Bend, IN, USA. RSVP

10.23.15: DICKIEThe Birdsell Ballroom w/ Frances Luke Accord. South Bend, IN, USA. RSVP

10.17.15: KRNA Presents: DICKIE– National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library w/ Frances Luke Accord & Nella Thomas. Cedar Rapids, IA, USA.

9.12.15: DICKIE– RECORD RELEASE AT SCHUBA’S w/ Frances Luke Acord, 9pm. Chicago, IL, USA. RSVP *BUY TICKETS*

9.11.15: DICKIETwo Brothers Roundhouse, 7pm. Aurora, IL, USA. RSVP

9.10.15: DICKIERozz-Tox, 8pm. Rock Island, IL, USA. RSVP

8.8.15: DICKIENewBo Music Festival, 12pm. Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

7.9.15: DICKIEDouble Door, 8pm. Chicago, IL, USA

6.20.15: DICKIEWooly’s, 8pm. Des Moines, IA, USA

6.19.15: DickieEronel, 10pm. Dubuque, IA, USA

6.13.15: DICKIEThe Courtyard & Cellar, 8pm. Decorah, IA, USA

6:12:15: DICKIE– Mahoney’s, 9pm. Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

5.30.15: DICKIEInside Out Gallery, 8pm. Traverse City, MI, USA

5.22.15: Dann Morr- Irish Bistro, 9pm. Chicago, IL, USA

5.10.15:  Liz Chidester- The Throne Room, 8pm. Chicago, IL, USA

4.19.15:  DICKIE– Get Off The Couch at The Hideout Inn, 7pm. Chicago, IL, USA